Homo Urbanus

My photography is rooted in an everlasting curiosity, fascination and amazement for men, more precisely for ‘homo urbanus’. Like an anthropologist I want to decipher and catalog the stories of the species that has evolved to optimally adapt to the city. At the same time I try to arrange the formal aspects in a visual balanced and reassuring manner within the frame of a photograph. With my photography I create order and structure in the chaos around me in order to achieve a better understanding.

For obvious reasons since early 2020, through 2021 I have been photographing exclusively in my own hometown. More precisely in neighborhoods within walking range of my house. From very early on in this global pandemic I was struck, surprised and amazed by the resilience, flexibility and adaptability of ‘homo urbanus’. Those of us (I am a homo urbanus too) fortunate enough not to fall victim to this horrifying virus almost immediately found a way of dealing with this new reality, steering life through slightly different channels. Taking the next step in this Darwinian evolution.

The high contrast black and white underlines the timeless and ongoing nature of the evolution proces, bringing focus to the subjects and hinting on the hidden, underlying drama.

You can see the complete Homo Urbanus series by clicking one of the images.

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